Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project exists to provide support which aims to eliminate the debilitating effects that childhood sexual abuse can have on adult survivors.

The symptoms that can be generated from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse can be excrutiating and life inhibiting.   Common responses include shame, anxiety, depression, anger, eating issues, substance misuse and relationship difficulties.  Some survivors may be plagued by memories in the form of distressing flashbacks, body memories, mental images or nightmares.  These symptoms are all normal responses to trauma and they can feel overwhelming and difficult to deal with. 

The free and confidential counselling and support that we offer enables survivors of sexual abuse to make sense of the present in relation to the past.  Being heard and supported can help to ease the pain and reduce the power and impact of the memories.

Childhood sexual abuse may have been perpetrated by a member of the family, a family friend, another trusted adult, a stranger or a group of adults. It may have happened once, or over a period of time. Sexual abuse can mean a wide range of experiences - the most important thing is for the survivor to identify the experience as sexually abusive.

Many people who were sexually abused as children did not tell anyone at the time and may believe it is too late to talk about it now. It is never too late. KASP supports adults of all ages. 


Healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse is not something you have to do alone and we invite you to browse our website for additional information on the type of support and services that we offer.

We are a registered charity governed by a Board of voluntary Trustees.

We are organisational members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and our counselling service is BACP accredited.

Registered Charity in Scotland SC023079

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